Who are we?

The team behind the quest of reimagining digital ownership


dBay is a community-driven marketplace, aiming to foster the growth of blockchain based digital assets and enabling users to buy goods without transaction costs.



Luis Gonzalez


As a tech and finance enthusiast, Luis is excited by the potential impact that Blockchain technologies and Artificial Intelligence will have in the future. Having lived most of his life abroad, Luis is interested in learning new languages, and is an expert at Decentralized application development, Neural Networks, and Quantum Cryptography.

Juan Castro


Juan is a Software Engineer with an advanced Mathematics background. He is a former international math Olympian and is passionate to apply his critical problem-solving skills in the intersection of Blockchain, AI, and Design.

Abishek Dharshan


Abishek has been actively involved in the Blockchain space and has worked in numerous projects in the Silicon Valley since 2017. His professional interests revolve around Finance, Consulting, and Blockchain Research but you can find him travelling around the world or participating at your nearest hackathon in his spare time.


Masayasu Morita


Mr. Masayasu Morita is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of hitomedia, Inc, an transcultural incubator focused on the educational and innovative technology space in Japan. He is a prolific investor, professor, and entrepreneur, and has a Masters in Education from Harvard and a Masters in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge.

Ryo Shimokawa


Mr. Shimokawa is the manager-in-charge of Mind Inc, a business-incubator company. He gained his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Kyoto University and has a long list of experiences incubating and working with startups.


Hitomedia Inc.

Tokyo, Japan

Hitomedia Inc, is an education and transcultural incubator based in Tokyo, Japan. They have several portfolio companies under them who specialize in different fields of interest such as alliances, startups, investments, groups, and nonprofits.

Mind Inc

Tokyo, Japan

Mind Inc is the incubation company based in Tokyo, that focuses on creating new businesses based on using new technologies while having a sustainable theme of ‘Thinking about People’. They have invested in various professional and student-driven innovative ideas across the world.